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Clubs are a good opportunity to meet up with friends and strangers and do things that you share a passion for. They bring like-minded people together, set up events and represent a group of people who share the same interests, hobbies or attitudes. There are associations in all areas of everyday life, but we like the ones that deal with our favorite topic. By this we don't necessarily mean associations of beer lovers who enjoy drinking, but rather those who come together to make a difference in the world of beer. Although they certainly like to drink beer at the same time.

Movement in the beer scene

The Association of German Creative Brewers is one such group: numerous young breweries in the state have come together and organized themselves to stand up for craft beer. What they all have in common is the love and passion for beer. The enthusiastic beer lovers are flexible, open-minded and open-minded in their way of thinking and want to break new ground with their creations. The independent brewers celebrate the time-honoured craftsmanship of their guild with all its traditions. At the same time, they want to break down old structures and discover and exploit the full potential of beer. Under the seal of the hopped eagle, the eleven breweries have decided to push the Purity Law off its high horse. For a long time, Germany was considered a pioneer when it came to beer and justified this position with its millennia-old brewing tradition. But now the beer veteran is standing in its own way: The Bavarian Purity Law and the associated provisional beer law are slowing down young brewers and taking the wind out of their sails with strict rules and regulations. In other countries people brew to their heart's content, while here the craft has to grapple with the law. In order to put an end to this situation, the Association of German Creative Brewers created the naturalness requirement.

naturalness requirement

Basically, the Provisional Beer Law, like the Bavarian Purity Law, determines what can be contained in the beer. The layman assumes that these ingredients are hops, malt, yeast and water, but the federal purity law has some loopholes. These exceptions allow some artificial additives or sugar in beer, but prohibit the use of fruit or spices, for example. If you brew these natural raw materials, you must not sell the result as beer. The rules are also not the same in every federal state, which makes collaboration and cooperation between breweries more difficult. The solution that the German creative brewers propose and practice is the so-called naturalness requirement. All raw materials of natural origin that are suitable for consumption may be used.

With this daring step, the German creative brewers are catapulting the brewing trade of their homeland into the present and are tastefully advocating a modernization of the legal situation.

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