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Asia is a gigantic continent that combines countless cultures, religions and ways of life. The Asian countries offer a wonderful diversity made up of breathtaking landscapes, culinary delights, music, dance, art, architecture, history, philosophy, sport, incomparable atmosphere and many other pieces of the mosaic. Part of the fascination is the mysticism, which is still a living element of daily life here today.


A mythical creature that comes from Korean mysticism is the Dokkaebi, originally written 도깨비. This magical creature has human-like features, but is usually depicted as being much scarier and larger than we are. She often has a horn sprouting from her forehead and is dressed in fur. The monster plays evil games with mean, selfish people and rewards those who do good and sacrifice themselves for others. The Dokkaebi is known for its love of pranks, pranks and practical jokes and, according to legend, challenges travelers to wrestling matches. The mythical creature has magical powers, has a magic wand and can turn invisible if necessary. Furthermore, the creature likes to be in company, eats and drinks, which is why it is the namesake and heraldic animal of the (almost) same-named brewery from Oakland, California. The company's founders chose the Dokkaebi to adequately represent their tireless curiosity for new beers and exciting raw materials. The team draws their inspiration from the cultural and culinary wealth of Asia.

From the kitchen to the bar

When Youngwon Lee realized that although there were a lot of Asian influences in the world's cuisines, there was hardly any in the area of drinks, he came up with a plan to change this. He founded Dokkaebier in 2019 and began capturing the flair of Asia in his beer. With the playfulness and creativity of the mystical role model, Dokkaebier creates unconventional brews that are challenging and fun. The aim of the operation is to make the craft beer industry more diverse and open. Different cultures should be merged into a total work of art using traditional brewing art. The brewery's beers are neither filtered nor pasteurized - natural taste in a limited edition. The ingredients are selected by hand and carefully balanced. Creations like the Korean Rice Lager combine American brewing craftsmanship with Asian raw materials, Korean design and international hop varieties to create very special brews. The range consists of classic styles that Dokkaebier has put its own stamp on with a modern twist and unusual ingredients.

Try the beers from Dokkaebier here with us and immerse yourself in the world of this exciting, Californian-Asian fusion brewery!

Logo: Dokkaebier

420 3rd Street, Unit A
94607 Oakland, Kalifornien

location_on Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)  

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