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What does a Brit miss when moving to Spain? His beloved ale! Andrew Dougall experienced this first hand and made a virtue out of necessity.

A hophead in beer exile

It all started with Andrew Dougall. In his native Richmond, the Brit enjoyed the first pints of his life and fell head over heels in love with the magical drink made from hops and malt. Most of the beers in the pubs came from local breweries, which brewed their beer according to old traditions and in some cases for centuries. Andrew first came into contact with American hops in the 90s: the brews by Samuel Adams, the Breckenridge Brewery and the Redhook Brewery introduce him to the high art of brewing with aroma-intensive hop varieties. Andrew developed a small fondness for hoppy beers. When he moved to Liérganes in Spain with his family, he was initially very happy with the wonderful weather, the friendly people and the good cuisine of his new homeland. The only drawback was the Spanish beer. Instead of being bold and hoppy, the local creations were light-footed and a bit too watery for Andrew's liking. To keep from dying of thirst, Andrew started brewing his own beer. However, it was still a few years before he had his own brewery.

Beery recycling

After nearly a decade of brewing for his own needs and those of his friends, Andrew decided to get down to business. He bought a fourth-hand brewing system in England, shipped it to Spain and started his business in 2006. He entered the market with a core range of three different brews. Two years later he met Kike and Anna who had just moved from Barcelona. The three got along well right away and decided to work together in the future. From then on things went steadily uphill: in 2011 the team rented a larger hall, in 2014 an automatic filling system was added, in 2018 they opened a laboratory and in 2019 they were able to expand again with the help of a cash injection through crowdfunding. DouGall's beer is a mix of English classics and modern craft beers. In order to make the future of their brewery and that of the world a bit better, the company has developed a sophisticated environmental concept. The draff, a by-product of the brewing process, is used to feed local cattle. Fertilizer for salad is made from the residues left over from the hops, and the remaining yeast is given to a cheese dairy. The recycling of waste products reduces waste enormously and ensures that recyclables are not simply thrown away.


Bo. la Vega, 51
, 39722 Liérganes, Cantabria

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phone +34 942 528 958 +34 942 528 958

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