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Many Belgian breweries did not survive the Second World War. This was not only due to the fact that many breweries fell victim to attacks, but also because the craving for Pilsner arose with the end of the war. Many breweries could not meet this demand. Thanks to the skills of brewing engineer Sylva Rosier, Brasserie Dupont was able to follow the trend and still exists.

Successful bribery

Like many Belgian breweries, Brasserie Dupont was previously a farm. Because the winters in Belgium are long and harsh, farmers could only cultivate their fields from spring to autumn. In the months between November and March, at most, cabbage grew, but it does not need any care. In order to earn some money in the winter months and not have to lay off the unskilled workers, many farmers started brewing beer as soon as the harvest season was over. This time was also ideal from a climate point of view: the cooling of the beer was taken over by the icy temperatures outside and did not have to be created artificially. Brasserie Dupont dates back to the farm of the Rimaux-Derrider family, who specialized in the production of Belgian seasonal beers and brewed honey beers. The Duponts came into play when Alfred bought the farm for his son Louis. Louis considered moving to Canada and his father wanted to prevent this with his generous gift. The son was persuaded and began to revise the recipes at the farm brewery. His saison is still brewed today, although Louis has long since passed the company on to his offspring.

Modern classics

Currently the children of Louis' nephew Sylva Rosier run the brewery. They brought a breath of fresh air to the traditional brewery and were among the first to brew beer using organic ingredients. Over the course of four generations, the brewery has been brought up to date, modernized and engineered again and again. Today it is brewed on a brand new system. The brewery's range consists of a little more than a dozen classics of Belgian brewing art. The beers are strong in character, have a higher percentage and are wonderfully spicy. The second fermentation in the bottle is typically Belgian: After bottling, the sugar content is checked, if necessary a little more sugar is added and then the yeast works its magic and transforms the beer into a taste-intensive masterpiece with sparkling carbonic acid. As a rule, the beer matures for six to eight weeks in this second round, but you can continue this process at home if you wish. Unlike many other brews, Belgian beer only gets better with time.

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