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Anadolu EFES is one of the leading brands in the Mediterranean region. Now the brewery group from Turkey also wants to conquer northern Europe with its light, easy-drinking beers.

A company with a great vision

The first beer creation from EFES sees the light of day in 1969: Two Turkish breweries brew the first version of the EFES Pilsner that is so popular today. In order to have the greatest possible control over the raw materials and to be able to offer its customers maximum transparency, the company integrates farmers who grow hops and malt. Maltings are also accumulated. The brewery is constantly growing and expanding its production area by several breweries. In the meantime, the international beer market has become aware of the creations and EFES opens its first breweries outside of Turkey. The company is thriving and continues to grow to this day. In Turkey, EFES accounts for a large part of the local beer demand and the brewery's refreshing beer is also one of the favorites in the rest of the Mediterranean region. Today, 21 breweries and a handful of malthouses spread across six countries are under the umbrella of the Anadolu EFES community.

A sip of the Mediterranean for you

The brand's beer represents the mentality of its Mediterranean homeland with a smooth character and elegant lightness. A sip of fresh Pilsener is like a short trip to the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean: Golden rays of sunshine break through the surface of the crystal-clear blue, fine, warm sand borders the sea and the scent of pine trees and blooming oleanders fills the air. The summery Pilsner conveys a holiday mood in every drop and ensures a beach feeling even when you are actually a long way from the sea. The values of the company make a significant contribution to the good taste of the beer. Everything we do is based on a passion for good beer. This enthusiasm encompasses not only the taste and quality of the brewed products, but also the people behind the beer. As a large company, a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in the company is just as important to EFES as the beer itself. Cooperation and the urge to constantly improve and develop are the foundations of the brewery. Fairness is the top priority, this applies to the employees and to dealing with customers.

Would you like a short vacation? We recommend the fine EFES Pilsner for immediate refreshment and summer mood.

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