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The purest water in the world is the unique selling point of Einstök beer. Only one hundred kilometers from the Arctic Circle, the brewery can be found in the rough climes of Akureyri in Iceland. Anyone who suspects only lame sheep between the green hills, the merciless cliffs of the fjords and the hot springs is far from it. There are also top beers here!

The purest water in the world

Iceland's wild, uncouth nature is more varied and surprising than almost anywhere else. Magical northern lights, desert volcanoes, sheer endless expanses of soft green moss carpets, rugged cliffs and spectacular geysers are just a few of the forces of nature that you can see in Iceland. The harsh climate of the island state is home to astonishing fauna and flora which, thanks to its proximity to the Arctic Circle, also includes glaciers and icebergs. The meltwater from a prehistoric glacier that flows through lava rocks along with rainwater and is naturally filtered there is the water that the brewery proudly calls the purest in the world. This wonderful water is the cornerstone for the excellent Einstök beer and a characteristic that makes the Icelandic hop drink something very special.

From zero to one hundred

Even if the water is the best in the world, you still need a few more ingredients to make a good beer. The brewers use regional raw materials for the brewing process as much as possible. Unusual hop varieties such as aromatic hops unfortunately do not grow in Iceland's harsh climate, they have to be imported. Out of the handpicked ingredients, excellent (craft) beer is then made with a lot of passion and craftsmanship. The diverse product range includes a pale ale and a white ale . In 2010 there were just a handful of breweries in Iceland, but the numbers have increased significantly. The lack of beer tradition in Iceland has created a people of experimental beer lovers. In contrast to Germany, where there is a centuries-old brewing tradition almost everywhere, you are impartial here and do not allow yourself to be restricted by the purity law. In their quest to brew the best possible beer, the Icelanders have already won numerous awards. They have taken the beer market by storm and are indispensable today thanks to their sophisticated creations such as Einstöks Toasted Porter .

A cool Doppelbock to it - Skál!

Logo: Einstök

Einstök Beer Company, LP
Furuvellir 18
IS-600 Akureyri

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