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Faller Konfitüren

Jams on the beer shelf? Yes! Faller Jam makes the leap between morning pint and breakfast jam and conquers the beer world with unique creations that combine the best of beer with heavenly jams. Beer before four? Definitely with Faller jams!

Tradition and quality

The roots of the traditional Faller family business lie in 1913: Therese and Alfred Faller ran a grocery store and sold, among other things, regional fruits and berries. In order to prevent the unsold fruit from spoiling, Therese quickly began to cook it. In a very traditional way, she processed the fruit into delicious jams in a copper kettle over an open fire and then sold them in her shop. As a pioneer of the modern upcycling trend and food saver of the very first generation. The jams, intended to be used as leftovers, enjoyed great popularity: everyone wanted a glass of Faller's jam on the breakfast table in the morning. Therese expanded her range, bought a van and finally set up a jam factory. This is still in family hands today: The Fallers build their success on Therese's carefully worked out recipes and production in open copper kettles.

Craft until today

The Faller family has the highest demands on their jams and therefore still trusts the tried and tested techniques that Therese used to make her jams. All jams are hand-stirred and must therefore be cooked in small quantities. This process is so gentle that the fruit can develop its own wonderful taste. This natural aroma is only supported by sugar, apple pectin and lemon juice. But the impeccable production and the incomparable quality are not the only things that make Faller jams special. The absolute highlight of the range are the beer jams. From the good beer of the Rothaus Bier brewery, wonderful jam is cooked in the copper kettle that will knock every beer drinker down. Drinking beer in the morning is rarely an option , Faller's jams Tannenzäpfle beer jelly and Tannenzäpfle yeast-wheat beer jelly make it possible!

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Konfitürenmanufaktur Alfred Faller GmbH
Seeweg 3
79694 Utzenfeld/Schwarzwald

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phone 07673 / 9107-0 07673 / 9107-0

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