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The Flöff is a magical creature that came from the pen of the resourceful brewer Alois Dinkelsbühl. With a lot of heart and humor, the master brewer and his team not only created a delicious winter beer, but also a fabulous legend that revolves around the wild Flöff.

The magical world of the flöff

The Flöff lives deep in the rocky gorges and dark caves of the Bavarian Alps. The furry mythical creature is a shy creature that only comes to light when it smells the scent of cinnamon and apples. He wanders through the deep snow, defies the freezing cold and even risks being seen - all to indulge his lust for pleasure. Not only once was the Flöff seen sneaking through Christmas markets, hidden under the protection of the crowds. Always looking for his favorite cinnamon and apple aromas. The siren song of these two ingredients lured the Flöff into Alois Dinkelsbühl's brewery: when he was brewing a festive seasonal beer with cinnamon and apples, the Flöff could not escape the heavenly scent. He snuck into the brewery at night and sipped the divine beer straight from the kettle. Since then, the friendly but shy creature has been seen again and again. Similar to the Yeti, some people's goal in life is to see the Flöff briefly at least once. With apples and cinnamon as attractants, the chances are not that bad! Fortunately, you can buy the Flöff, otherwise we would all have to build nifty traps!

The beer behind the legend

Behind the entertaining story about the Flöff is a very special winter beer: a delicious drink is mixed from conventional beer and a fine drink with cinnamon and apples, which is best tasted warm. At 60 to 70 degrees, the winter aromas of the Flöff develop ideally and form a full-bodied pleasure for the cold days.

The Flöff presents itself in a clear chestnut brown and smells like heavenly homemade apple pie, creamy caramel and rum raisins when heated. The initial taste reveals a full-bodied body with a creamy mouthfeel and a truckload of Christmas flavors. Sweet notes of baked apple caress the palate, cinnamon and the warming alcohol complement the taste perfectly. You can buy the Flöff from us.

The mulled wine for everyone who prefers to drink beer!

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Flöff Getränke Vertriebs GmbH
Am Schäfflesmarkt 3
86720 Nördlingen

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