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Floem Craft Beer

In the past, breweries were largely dependent on the right location: the most important basis for brewing is water, and that was not available everywhere in the past centuries. Before clear drinking water flowed from the taps of every house, the breweries settled on rivers and springs. The same applied to washers, tanners, dyers and other craftsmen. As early as the Middle Ages, a river called the Floem supplied the residents of the Dutch town of Appingedam with the purest drinking water and attracted brewers from near and far to the province of Groningen. Due to the good brewing water, the local beer business flourished and produced so much beer that it could also be delivered to the surrounding towns and villages. To this day, Appingedam is considered a beer town and part of the local beer culture is Floem.

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Floem is not only the name of the river, but also that of a young craft brewery. The Dutch brewers have specialized in the production of hoppy brews and attach great importance to outstanding quality and the best taste. Because entry into the beer scene is not easy these days and the brewing equipment is expensive, the Floem team brews on the brewing systems of fellow brewers from Baxbier Groningen. This practice is called cuckoo brewing, and it's pretty common in the craft beer world right now. Thanks to the generosity of established breweries, newcomers can bring their first beers to market and break into the business without the significant financial expense of owning their own facility. Floem is planning its own brewery in the future, but until then Baxbier will simply brew it.

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Like many of their peers, the Floem brewers are absolute hopheads. They are completely addicted to the green gold and focus their work on extracting maximum hop flavor from the cones. The range is a correspondingly hoppy hodgepodge of IPAs and other classics of the craft beer movement. In between there are some Belgian styles that have become an integral part of the Dutch scene. In order to bring their beers to men and women, Floem regularly takes part in festivals and trade fairs. On these occasions the brewers meet the connoisseurs of their work and have the opportunity to compare their art with that of other breweries. Contact and exchange of experiences also take place in collaborations: Especially in the craft beer industry, a lot of value is placed on cooperation between brewers. Floem has already set up a number of collaborations, for example with their Dutch colleagues from Folkingebrew .

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Floem Craft Beer
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