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There are few breweries with a more enticing name than this one: free beer sounds like a glorious tune to our beer-thirsty ears, and we'll drop everything to find out. what is behind this promising title. Stay tuned, because it's not just the name of this brewery that's unusual!

Free thoughts, free beer

In order not to keep you in suspense, we first want to clarify what the two Regensburg brewers Sven and Michael aka. Actually mean Vesper and Dino with free beer. They are not interested in giving away their carefully brewed works, rather the title of their brewery revolves around the idea of beer as a common good accessible to all. Although the two resourceful brewers sell their beer, they make it possible for any skilled homebrewer to brew their recipes and beers at home free of charge. You can use a QR code or a link on the bottle to be taken directly to the recipe, where you will find all the information about the beer you are currently enjoying. The idea for this maximum of transparency is based on the open culture of the hobby brewer. It is common among non-commercial brewers to share recipes, experiences, tweaks, tips and tricks. With their practice, the two founders of go one step further and also enable non-professionals to try out their recipes.

From animal feed to thirst quencher

The founding of the brewery came about as a result of a happy coincidence. After Dino and Vesper met while studying at the University of Weihenstephan, their paths crossed again and again. They worked together on projects, met professionally and became good friends. One day, when Dino was visiting a storage room in a former animal feed factory, Vesper was there and they both agreed: This storage room is not a storage place, but a brewery! The fully tiled room was the cornerstone, the rest will follow in no time at all. Soon the brewing could begin and the duo experimented with styles, ingredients and recipes. When the demand for the delicious beers from steadily increased, the brewers had to switch to the brewing systems of friendly breweries from time to time. The storage room was bursting at the seams, forcing the two of them to be cuckoo brewers. A solution was found in May 2021: the laboratory of the former animal feed factory became vacant and Dino and Vesper were able to expand their small brewery.

We recommend the creations of to everyone who is in the mood for unconventional, free, tasty and experimental beer.


DiVeRs GbR
Alte Nürnberger Straße 60
93059 Regensburg

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