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Gehölz Bräu

Rico and Matze are men with a mission. The two innovators come from very different backgrounds and yet have the same vision: beer without nonsense.

Sustainability in practice

Before the beer without nonsense, the two first came up with the idea. When Matze and Rico were sitting together over one or two cold beers, at one point they wondered what it would be like to brew your own beer. It was clear from the start that the two friends wanted to do some things differently from other brewers. Little by little, idealistic resolutions and crazy ideas became a very concrete plan, which was implemented in spring 2021. Rico and Matze founded the Gehölz Bräu and began to brew beer without nonsense and with principles. In concrete terms, this means that all raw materials come from controlled organic cultivation. But that's not all: The Gehölz Bräu relies on short transport routes and therefore uses hops and barley that come from the region. Bottles and boxes are reusable products and can be used again and again, and with the labels and other printed matter, care is taken to ensure that the paper is produced with ecological considerations in mind. The team is committed to what they themselves affectionately call "agriculture suitable for grandchildren": Sustainable, pesticide-free farming not only produces more valuable food, but also preserves the earth and the environment, so that our grandchildren also benefit from it.

A beer, a tree

In addition to their commitment to organic farming, high-quality raw materials from the region and organic production, the ambitious innovators have another project. The name Gehölz Bräu originally stood for the beers named after trees, but it also fits perfectly with her idea of planting a tree for every bottle of beer bought and enjoyed. The vision behind it is a new, sustainable type of consumption that not only removes raw materials from the earth, but also gives something back. Careful and sustainable use of the earth is a basic principle of organic agriculture, but Matze and Rico wanted more: Their plan is to plant ten million trees by 2030. So far it doesn't look too bad. Together with the fans and friends of the Gebölz Bräus, the two planted almost 35,000 trees and reforested around 205,000 square meters. Since the two have their hands full with brows, they have chosen the competent people of the reforestation project "Eden Reforestation Projects " who plant trees in Africa, Asia and Central America to plant the trees.

You drink a wonderful beer and the world becomes a little greener!

Logo: Gehölz Bräu

Mathais Bock & Rico Borsitz GbR
Am Sonneneck 3a
04207 Leipzig

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