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Habesha Brewery

Ethiopia is a country that is not primarily associated with beer. The state on the Horn of Africa is known for its fine cuisine and rich culture. Today, countless Ethiopian restaurants around the world invite you to discover the varied and fine cuisine of the country — the young Ethiopian brewery Habesha is now supplying matching beers.

Beer with culture

The brewery from Addis Ababa represents the culture and tradition of its country both with its logo and in the design of its labels: the logo refers to the thousands of years old roots of painting in Ethiopia and the patterns that can be found on the labels and the website are a modern interpretation of Tibeb. Tibeb contains a wealth of patterns and ornamentation that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. The brewery is proud of its origins and wants to share its country's lifestyle with the world. Ethiopia is a place that stands out for its grandiose beauty, breathtaking landscapes, friendliness and hospitality of its people and authentic culture. A wealth of colour, art and music enriches the country and fills its people with great pride. The Habesha brewery team wants to convey this pride and love for their country with their beer and give people a little insight into their world.

Beer with a mission

The goal of the brewery is to reach every Ethiopian on earth with its beer and create a networked community. The foundation stone is in Ethiopia, where the brewery has many friends and admirers and supports local people with sponsorships and charitable activities. Music plays a big role in Ethiopia and there is hardly a country that has so much musical diversity. The brewery organizes events, supports musicians and even has an app. In addition to all this commitment, the brewers care about one thing above all else: your beer. The range consists of a small but excellent range of exquisite beers. The basis of all beer specialties is good brewing water from the Ethiopian highlands of Debre Birhan and the other raw materials also come from Ethiopia as far as possible. An absolute favorite on offer is Cold Gold . The refreshing lager comes in shining gold and brings character, identity and a full-bodied aroma to the table.

If you want to get to know the soul of Ethiopia, you should start with a cool bottle of Cold Gold and dive headlong into the colorful and tasteful world of Africa.

Logo: Habesha Brewery

Habesha Breweries S.C. HQ
XQWP+M8V, Cameroon St
1000 Addis Ababa

location_on Äthiopien (ET)  
phone +251 11 662 5655 +251 11 662 5655

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