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Heineken Italia

The Sardinians are a proud people, everyone who has been to the island or has talked to one of the passionate residents knows that. Tradition and the eventful history are honored like nowhere else. No wonder, hardly any other place in Europe was so competitive and was passed back and forth as often as Sardinia. The combative Sardinians endured famine, revolts and changing rulers stoically and never lost their love for their homeland. Ichnusa packs all these emotions into her beer - a promising mix!

Sardinian soul

The island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea is a wonderful place: Steep mountains with rough cliffs, tropical-looking sandy beaches with crystal clear, deep blue water and wild, irrepressible nature coexist with Roman-looking cities and jet set contact points for the rich and beautiful. Poor and rich, natural and artificial, wild and tamed - hardly any other place combines so many opposites and yet is so beautiful. Ichnusa is a Sardinian brewery under the management of Heineken Italia, which has made it its mission to represent the Sardinian soul, the impetuous character of the island and its inhabitants with a beer.

Home care

The Ichnusa Anima Sarda is a bitter, tasty lager that has a rebel heart and roots rich in tradition. In 1912, the wine magnate Amsicora Capra decided to buy the Ichnusa brewery in Cagliari and put it back into operation. With a lot of passion and patriotism, Amsicora gave back the beer to Sardinia and built up a whole concept with the label Ichnusa that is supposed to protect and celebrate Sardinia. To this day, Ichnusa organizes concerts, festivals and actions to collect garbage and clean the island. And the deposit system, which does not want to establish itself in the rest of Italy, is kept high here. The bottles that Ichnusa friends drink their beer from will be used and reused for 20 years.

This is true Sardinia love and passion that you can taste!

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Heineken Italia
Viale Monza 347
IT-20126 Milano

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