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Held Bräu

If you don't know Franconian Switzerland, you should urgently pay a visit to the area in Upper Franconia. The region stretches in the triangle between the cities of Bamberg, Bayreuth and Erlangen and has a wonderfully beautiful landscape. Dense forests nestle against extensive orchards, mountains with jagged rocks alternate with gentle valleys, small, crystal-clear rivers run through the lush meadows and one or the other traditional mill invites visitors to enjoy homemade snacks and Franconian cuisine. The peaks of the mountains are adorned with palaces, castles and magnificent ruins with venerable churches and chapels. Athletes of all kinds get their money's worth in Franconian Switzerland: A well-developed network of trails offers the perfect basis for extensive hikes, the forests are criss-crossed by forest roads and trails for cyclists and the high rocks are equipped with eyelets for climbers. On Wiesent and Püttlach you can canoe and kayak and on particularly warm days the rivers invite you to jump into the cool water. In the midst of this idyllic landscape and in the shadow of majestic rocks is the Held Bräu, a traditional family-owned brewery that attracts day trippers and guests with the finest beer and hearty dishes.

Franconian beer with tradition

The Held Bräu has existed for almost 350 years and has been in the hands of the Polster family for just as long. The brewers produce a balanced range of Franconian beers with passion, dedication and expertise that has been passed on from generation to generation. There are year-round creations, which include a wonderful light beer and the extremely popular dark Old Franconian farmer's beer, and seasonal items for the festive days of the calendar year. Traditionally, the Held Bräu brews a strong buck at Lent, the contemplative Advent and Christmas. With these specialty beers, the Held family remembers their own roots and the customs and brewing traditions of their Franconian homeland.

It's worth a visit!

A piece of home is also the cozy dining room of the brewery, which invites you to linger with its wooden furniture and classic Franconian furnishings. Especially in autumn and winter, the rustic parlor is a refuge from the rough weather that sweeps through Franconian Switzerland in the cooler half of the year. In summer the visitor can sit down in the beautiful beer garden and enjoy the wonderful view as well as the delicacies from the brewery and kitchen. Large chestnuts cast their shadows on benches and tables and on warm summer evenings, live music accompanies the beer pleasure.

The Held Bräu from Oberailsfeld is a traditional family business with solid, down-to-earth beers with a real Franconian character. Find our favorites from the range here!

Logo: Held Bräu

Held Bräu
Oberailsfeld 19
95491 Ahorntal

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone 09242 / 295 09242 / 295

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