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Himburgs Braukunstkeller

Many animal species specialize in finding water in even the driest areas of the world. Elephants almost have a sixth sense when it comes to cool water, the same applies to monkeys. People also follow the path of water: they live and thrive where water provides them with drink, food, work and other things. In the Middle Ages, cities were always founded where craftsmen could set up their trades and in many cases they needed running water for this. Brewers belonged to this category and are still dependent on pure, soft water today. So when Alexander Himburg had to look for a new home after separating from his business partner, he followed the water. However, one by one.

From the laboratory to the brew kettle

Before Alexander became a daring brewer, he studied biology. In the course of his studies, the desire to make his own beer awoke in him and he decided to give up his studies and try his luck as a brewer. He successfully completed the training and the fun could begin. With enthusiasm and passion he dedicated himself to extensive experimentation and in the process found a brewery where he could try things out to his heart's content. A small but fine selection of sophisticated craft beers was created and released under the new Himburgs Braukunstkeller label. It worked fine for a while until it stopped working. The project threatened to fail with bankruptcy in 2015, but our creative brewer was not discouraged. After he briefly considered giving up and then rejected it, Alexander began to look around for another place of work with renewed vigor and came across the Bavarian Forest in the process. Since the taste of his brews is the top priority, a location with excellent water quality was extremely important to him. With new partners at his side, Alexander continued his mission as a cuckoo brewer.

An evolution of taste

Fans of the brewery asked themselves one question above all: will the popular and award-winning beers from Himburg's Braukunstkeller continue to taste as usual? Alexander gives a very positive answer to this question in various interviews. Although the taste of every beer depends on the brewing equipment, with dedication and new experiments he has not only succeeded in transferring the well-known aroma, but also to improve it a bit. Subtly composed works of art from Alexander's pen will continue to exist.

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Himburgs Braukunstkeller GmbH
Ehrengutstraße 27
80469 München

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