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Anyone who believes that there are good fairies only in fairy tales is far from it. Four girls from Upper Franconia make Zahnfee and Co. serious competition. The self-proclaimed beer fairies are four brewers who turn the beer world upside down with their beer for women. And so much can already be revealed: The brewers are at best as sweet as sugar!

Itself is the woman

There is no question that beer brewing is a male domain. The fact that, despite emancipation and feminism, there are still more men than women at the kettle does not mean that women are not capable of creating brewing. The four girls behind the label Holla die Bierfee are prime examples of the woman who brews. The lively Franconian women are taking the beer world by storm and show their male colleagues with lots of charm and fun how to get women to drink beer too. With good, high-proof beer that is not sugary sweet but rich in fruity, floral flavors. And of course delicious. Isabella, Moni, Gisi and Yvonne are women who not only like beer but also have it in their blood. All four come from brewery families. They have known and loved good beer from an early age and have turned their passion into a profession. The idea for Holla the beer fairy came to the motivated ladies at a regular beer table. As young women in the brewery business, Moni, Yvonne, Gisi and Isabella knew each other and formed an unbeatable team at the joint brewers' get-together.

Beer instead of champagne

If you want to push champagne and wine from the throne of women's drinks, you have to fire up hard guns. That was clear to the foursome from the start, so they didn't dwell on girls' drink. The four wanted to brew real beer: beer that comes with so much taste that it also scores with women. Not a low-alcohol, fizzy mixed drink, but real beer. With great enthusiasm and a lot of female power, Yvonne, Moni, Isabella and Gisi got down to work and brewed a real blast right away. The Holla die Bierfee spelled ale is an amber-colored beauty with lots of splash and even more flavor. In perfect harmony, fruity notes combine with floral aromas, a pleasant acidity underlines the composition. A beer so sophisticated that it is not only popular with the target group of women. We are sure that one or the other man has already reached for the women's beer - pink label or not!

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