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Beer is our great love — This sentence could have come from us, but it is actually the motto of Hoppebräu. The team from Waakirchen loves and lives beer with an exuberant enthusiasm that is contagious.

Bavarian beer with South Seas charm

The Hoppes' good family ties are proven when son Markus decides in 2010 to brew beer in his parents Susi and Dirk's garage. For two years, the beer enthusiast from Waakirchen brewed beers under difficult conditions and sold them under the working title Markus Hoppes Garagenbräu. When his parents' four walls became too small for him, he moved out into the world and looked for places where he could experience brewing and have more space. His way leads him to Mauritius. The island paradise welcomes him with beautiful weather, good vibes, white sandy beaches, the finest food and a job at the Flying Dodo Brewing Company. Markus is on cloud nine: In addition to the relaxed life on Mauritius, the brewer has the opportunity to try out his craziest ideas at Flying Dodo, to experiment to his heart's content and to gain a whole lot of experience and brewing practice. With new expertise, fresh self-confidence and a great desire to brew, Markus flies back home and gets started with new impetus: He registers a small business and brews a whole range of the finest beers under the new name Hoppebräu. Because the capacity of his parents' garage soon no longer suffices, Markus rents a cuckoo brewer in the hallowed halls of large breweries. In addition to his own brewing activity, Markus also works as a master brewer and is employed in a brewery. As Hoppebräu's output increased, this double burden became unacceptable and Markus dared to take the leap into self-employment. The enthusiastic brewer is working flat out to set up his own brewery and in 2018 the time has come: The brewing system is complete and Markus can brew his first beer in his own brewery.

A heart for home

Since Markus is not a man for halves, his brewery is state-of-the-art. State-of-the-art facilities enable the most innovative art of brewing and the construction plan includes space for expansion. In addition to his family, Markus also cares about his Bavarian homeland: the brewery is in his hometown and the connection to the people of his region is extremely important to the brewer. In addition to good contact with his customers, Markus maintains an equally friendly relationship with the regional farmers from whom he buys his raw materials. The master brewer produces both modern beer styles and the classics of his region. Home is identity, you can see and taste that with the Hoppebräu beers.

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Edelweißstr. 21
83666 Waakirchen

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