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As you might expect, HOPSTER is not the hoppy hipster among the hip craft beers. No, far from it, because HOPSTER isn't beer at all. It looks a bit like one and is named after one of the main ingredients in beer, but it's a world first! HOPSTER is the world's first hop lemonade. A soft drink according to our taste.

Hops equals beer?

Jonas Seidl, the head and hands behind HOPSTER, fights against prejudices every day: “What contains hops must also taste like beer” and “Hops only taste bitter” are probably the most common untruths that Jonas made in a humorous and tasteful way with his creation HOPSTER undermines. His hop lemonade doesn’t taste like beer, nor is it. The two popular drinks only share the hops component. While the hops provide a fine bitter note in many beers, Jonas only pulls the flowery-fruity flavor notes out of the hops in order to use them for his soda. HOPSTER is a classic lemonade that is naturally alcohol-free and pleasantly sweet. The full-bodied palette of flavors ranges from the delicate fruit aroma to herbal and floral notes - all extracted from the hops used.

Attention to detail

It takes a lot of skill and passion to manufacture HOPSTER . In order to elicit their wonderful variety of flavors from the hops, the essential hop oil is pressed from the hop flowers and processed in this form. In the harmonious interplay with the finest mineral water from the Kondrauer Gerwig spring, the full hop magic unfolds and creates an unrivaled soft drink. Jonas Seidl attaches great importance to water in the production of his HOPSTER. Not without reason, because he is a water sommelier. If someone finds the right water for a perfectly pearly, tangy lemonade, then it is Jonas Seidl. Conveniently, he also comes from a water-crazy family, the Seidls run the Kondrauer mineral and healing fountain and carry this passion from generation to generation. A lemonade made from the best of hops in combination with excellent water? That can only be good. Then a HOPSTER!

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Kondrauer Mineral- und Heilbrunnen GmbH & Co. KG
Am Sauerbrunn 2
95652 Waldsassen

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