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iki Beer

If you translate the Japanese word iki, it means something like "positive life". Beer helps ensure that life is positive, so the name iki Beer is quite apt for a brewery.

Asia meets Europe

iki Beer comes from the Dutch town of s'Hertogenbosch and is a very special brewery. In times of globalization, borders are becoming more and more surmountable and the world is moving closer together. Distances of a thousand or more kilometers are no longer a reason for journeys lasting days and one can cross entire continents in a single day. The Internet connects the people of this earth and there is a lively exchange of cultures. The team behind iki Beer has been inspired by the zeitgeist and combines two worlds with their idea: European art of brewing meets Asian tea culture. The brewing craft of the Netherlands is enriched by the heavenly flavors of Japanese Sencha tea. The green tea is supported by the varied and exotic flavors of Asia. iki's beers are made with hand-picked ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.

Inspiration from the land of the rising sun

Founder Arjen Hemelaar spent some years of the new millennium traveling the world and getting to know distant countries and cultures. He was so fascinated by Japan that he spent a full three years in a Japanese monastery, learning about the country's customs and customs in his daily life. He discovered Japan's structured simplicity, learned to appreciate the country's minimalism and pure, understated aesthetics, and fell in love with its diverse cuisine. Green tea is a big part of the local culture of indulgence and is drunk and consumed in massive amounts. Sencha was one of Arjen's favorites and gave him the idea of combining the favorite drink of the Japanese with that of the Europeans. His research revealed that no one had previously married beer and green tea. After centuries of beer being the most popular drink in much of Europe and green tea leading in Japan, a combination of the two was an obvious choice for Arjen. With this idea in mind, he returned to the Netherlands and, together with graduates from Wageningen University, developed the first beer with green tea. There are now a handful of different varieties that are seasoned with different ingredients from Asian cuisine and have long attracted international attention.

The Japanese-Dutch beer spans a bridge between Asia and Europe and harmoniously combines taste worlds. In the spirit of the Japanese teachings of harmony and order.

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Onderwijsboulevard 225
5223 DE - s-Hertogenbosch

location_on Niederlande (NL)  
phone +31(0)73 62 745 20 +31(0)73 62 745 20

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iki Beer 0,33 l bottle — € 11,82 / ltr
€ 3,90
iki Beer 0,33 l bottle — € 11,82 / ltr

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