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Jakobiner Bräu

In the past, many people got their surnames from their profession: the baker was called a baker, the miller was called a miller, and the tailor was called a tailor. However, one could also be named after one's hometown or after a special characteristic. Someone with red hair might be called Rothaupt or Fuchs and someone from Bamberg was widely called Bamberger. At some point, these surnames were then included in the birth register and were not changed. Even if you were no longer a farmer yourself, the family continued to bear the name Bauer. Mirco Hell is not named after the profession he trained in, but derived his vocation from his name: based on his surname, he set up a brewery and began brewing his own Helles beer.

From wake-up maker to happy-maker

Before Mirco Hell made his own beer, his passion was more in the field of non-alcoholic beverages. He worked for major energy drink manufacturers and his professional life revolved around caffeinated stimulants. The northern lights have always had beer in their heads, and not just because Hell is his last name. Mirco is a passionate beer lover and brewing his own brew has been his dream for a long time. In 2022 he then dared to jump in at the deep end. Luckily he wasn't alone: Together with a professional brewmaster from Bavaria, Mirco created the brew of his dreams - a real Bavarian beer. Bottom-fermented, tasty and wonderfully cloudy. The two became friends while tinkering and trying things out and were soon able to bring their first work onto the market. The Vinzentiner Helle is their pride and the fruit of intensive work. The masterpiece is brewed in the home of fine Heller: Munich.

Rotated, not shaken

The highlight of their work is the participation of the beer drinker: in order to be able to enjoy the light beer in all its aromatic splendour, some cooperation is required. In each bottle there is a small sediment of solid components that were not filtered out during the brewing process. To evenly distribute hops, yeast and malt protein in the beer, Mirco came up with a special move. With a relaxed hand you turn the still closed bottle upside down and gently swing it back and forth. Then the beer should be turned off briefly so that it does not spill out when the crown cap is lifted. And then the noble drop can already be poured and tasted. The Vinzentiner Helle is a multifaceted representative of its kind and brings a successful balance of sparkling hops, soft malt and spicy yeast into the glass.

In the words of Mirco: Spin one up!

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