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Joe & Seph`s

Popcorn is a sweet or salty delicacy that we mostly enjoy at the movies. Long before you even open the doors to the movie theater, you can smell the irresistible scent of butter and caramelized sugar and it's almost impossible not to buy a bag. In the United States, popcorn evolved years ago from cinema fodder to a general snack. Innovative flavors and varieties mushroomed, filling supermarket shelves with a multitude of options. It would be a while before the trend spilled over the big pond. Joe Sopher is a European pioneer when it comes to popcorn and a real expert on popped corn.

Business trip with consequences

Before Joe became a popcorn gourmet and connoisseur, he had a normal job that took him from his native England to faraway America once a year. There he tasted the American version of popcorn for the first time and was amazed by the variety and perfection. From then on he brought the sweet treat as a souvenir for family and friends from his business trips. When he eventually lugged almost 25 kilos of popcorn home with him, his family began to ponder. Although popcorn was also popular in the UK, there was little choice and few companies selling ready-made popcorn. Father, mother and son decided to give the idea a chance. They booked a stand at a food fair and offered their first attempts. American-style popped corn sold like hot cakes and Joe & Seph's was born.

Popcorn made by masters

There are a number of things that make Joe's popcorn so special. A team of pâtissiers developed the recipe and only uses handpicked corn varieties with extra large grains. The golden guys are then not popped in oil but in hot air. This will give them the optimal texture and maximum size. The grain is then flavored with natural ingredients. For this process, Joe has developed a special process that superimposes flavor nuances. When you enjoy the popcorn, a true world of aromas unfolds that lasts from the first to the last bite. Joe & Seph's offers an incredible variety of flavors and has, for example, a gourmet popcorn with pale ale in the range. Father and son attracted a lot of media attention with their unconventional business idea and have already received numerous awards for their delicious popcorn.

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Joe`s Gourmet Foods Ltd
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