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Jolie`s Feinkost

The Corona period was a great challenge for the population of this earth. Normal life came to a standstill and the disaster shook people everywhere. The cultural sector lay idle for almost two years and cafés, pubs, restaurants and bars also had to temporarily close their doors. The measures immediately deprived innkeepers of their livelihood and forced them to lay off staff and dispose of valuable supplies. But the pandemic was also a time when people got creative and came up with unconventional solutions to their problems. Christian Joachim is one of these people.

Lucky in Disguise: From Café Jolie to Jolie's Delicatessen

The owner of the Regensburg cafés Jolie in the old town and Jolie on the Danube was amazed when the measures were announced and had to quickly think of a way to ensure that his stored goods did not spoil. He could process food or give it away, but he thought of something very special for his beer: instead of drinking it or letting it go stale, he used it to make beer syrup. The tradition of making stale beer syrup is long-standing and has always helped pub owners save their brews from going down the drain. Christian Joachim worked on his recipe for a long time: Not every beer is suitable for making syrup and you have to pair it with the right amount of sugar to achieve the optimal consistency. And in the end it should taste good too! For the best taste and the ideal sweetness, the resourceful café owner boils his syrup several times. This process provides the creamy texture and great aroma. A two-day rest period completes the production and gives the syrup the finishing touch. The end result has a mild 1.5% ABV and can be used to create all sorts of delicacies.

Universally applicable

With its fine harmony of caramel, hops and malt, the syrup is ideal for refining drinks. For example, if you want to spice up your coffee, you can give it a beery kick with the syrup. But the extra ingredient is also pretty good in cocktails. You can use it to bake bread or other pastries, refine salad dressings, enhance sauces or simply pour it over a stack of pancakes. We love Jolie's Feinkost beer syrup with waffles: The syrup is the perfect accompaniment to fresh buttermilk waffles with homemade apple compote and a dollop of cream. A pinch of cinnamon rounds off the pleasure experience. What you do with the beer syrup is entirely up to you and your imagination - the possibilities are endless!

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