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Kaiser Bräu

The Kaiser Bräu is a piece of Franconian brewing culture and a traditional brewery that has been supplying the region with delicious, down-to-earth beer for more than 90 years.

A brewery for everyone

However, before the brewery became Kaiser Bräu and brewed on its own brewing system, the beer was produced in the Neuhauser communal brewery. The tradition of the communal brewery has its origins in the 14th century and enabled the citizens of a city to brew their own beer. The community set up a fully functioning brewery and leased the facility to its residents. However, not everyone had the right to brew: In some places you had to have an official brewing right registered in the land register, in other regions everyone was allowed to swing the mash paddle. Some of these public breweries still exist today and invite interested hobby brewers to try out their personal recipes and ideas. The Kaiser Bräu has belonged to the cuckoo brewers since 1929 and has been an independent brewery ever since. Due to the low annual output, the brewery was able to brew in the Kommunbrauhaus until 1965, later the demand increased and the Kaiser Bräu built its own brewhouse. When this new building was bursting at the seams, the brewery moved from the center of Neuhaus to the Auwald. Since then, beer has been brewed there using the latest brewing technology and innovative ideas.

A heart for the environment

In order to produce good beer with a clear conscience, the brewery has imposed a strict environmental concept. The brewing process takes place under the most sustainable conditions possible. This includes the economical use of precious water, careful waste separation and recycling, training in the conscious and responsible use of nature, energy-saving measures and the implementation and support of projects. Protection of the environment. The environment also plays a role in the choice of raw materials: the brewery values regionality and appreciates transparency and the highest level of quality. The malt comes from Franconian malt houses, the hops grow on the sunny slopes of Hersbruck and the yeast was carefully cultivated in-house. At the end there is a beer that is worth every effort. In order to constantly improve, the brewers take part in international competitions and face the judgment of expert jurors. Countless prizes and medals prove what we thought: the beer from Neuhaus is simply great!

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Kaiser Bräu GmbH & Co. KG
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91284 Neuhaus

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