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Kalk Bräu

When Thomas and Benedikt met, beer was not an issue for them. At least we hope so, because the two have known each other since kindergarten. At that time, their relationship was less harmonious: the buddies met in the sandbox and became friends in a wild sand fight. After starting school together, their free time shifted from the sandbox to the schoolyard. It wasn't until her late teens that beer entered her life and they indulged their passion for beer together.

Thanks be to Corona

However, their enthusiasm would only turn into a vocation some time later. First of all, the two liked to drink beer and exchanged ideas about beer styles, hops, malt and all sorts of other beer-related topics while enjoying the cool blond beer. At some point they came up with the idea of brewing their own beer. So in 2016 they bought a shower set and made their first attempt. The package included a ready-made beer wort, so Thomas and Benedikt had little freedom when it came to implementation. The beer was a success, but the desire to brew it was not yet satisfied. Because the world came to a standstill a few years later due to Corona, the two had enough time to familiarize themselves extensively with the subject of brewing. With the help of a mulled wine cooker, they started experiment 2 and the adventure began. After friends, family and relatives became enthusiastic buyers for all the brews, the question of selling their brews increased. Finally, in May 2022, the time had come: The first beer with the Kalk Bräu label was brewed using the system of a friend’s brewery.

From lime in the water to lime in the name

Incidentally, the wondrous name Kalk Bräu comes from Benedikt. One day, while standing in the shower and looking at the cold deposits on the shower head, the idea came to him. You have to know that Bamberg's water has a high lime content and makes life difficult for the city's citizens. Kettles, taps, sinks and coffee machines have to be descaled constantly and the water, which is particularly rich in minerals, has a small taste of its own. You get used to it, but it's not the best basis for brewing. Depending on the beer style, hard or soft water is used and the mineral content is also adjusted by expert brewers. Because Benedikt and Thomas don't have the professional equipment for this, they brew with the water that comes from the tap. To date, we have not found any defects in the finished brew, quite the opposite: the brews from Kalk Bräu are fine Franconian classics with charm and character. Lime or not, our enthusiastic duo from Kalk Bräu can do it easily!

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Kalk Bräu GbR
Artur-Landgraf-Str. 52
96049 Bamberg

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