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In the wide range of beer gifts in the Bierothek®, the crown cap card is something special. The beers that are consumed to fill the gaps in the bottle caps are a culinary delight, and the piece of wood does not convey beer knowledge either. And yet the bottle cap card is a perfect gift for all beer lovers.

From problem to product

Marcel Reimer came up with the idea for designing bottle cap cards while drinking a beer: like many great thinkers, the architecture student was enjoying a cold beer when a flash of inspiration hit him. However, one by one. First of all, you have to know that Marcel has a great passion for collecting. The man from Frankfurt has been collecting crown corks for years. He buys beers from all over the world, local classics, special craft beers and specimens that are characterized by particularly beautiful crown caps. Not only does Marcel enjoy a wide variety of beers, his collection of different crown corks is also growing steadily. When it comes to collecting, finding new, beautiful specimens is important, but the presentation of the collection also plays a role. Stones are placed in type cases, postage stamps are carefully sorted into albums and cat figures are placed on every free space in the apartment - but how do you show off your crown cap collection? This question didn't leave Marcel alone. His bottle caps led a dreary existence in a closet. Unsorted and unpresented, collecting is only half as fun. Marcel thought that too and began to tinker with it. The result of his work was the first crown cap card : a wooden plate in the outline of Germany with holes in which the crown caps are packed.

Beer enjoyment in style

Marcel was enthusiastic about his invention and did not want to keep it to himself after he had covered his own needs and those of his friends and acquaintances. Without further ado, he set up his own business and sells his crown cap cards with great success. The 6mm-thick wooden panels in the shape of Germany have space for the appropriate presentation of 114 crown caps and thus hold a very good collection. You can assign the bottle caps to their region, sort them by color or thematically. Each card is unique, because all bottle cap collections are different and each collector sorts according to his own rules. We have included Marcel's flash of inspiration in our range because we consider the bottle cap card an excellent gift for beer lovers and fans of well-curated collections.

The crown cap card - the ideal gift for collectors, beer aficionados and crown cap fans. Or for you and your growing collection of unique and special bottle caps.

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Marcel Reimer
Am Röckerkopf 6a
65719 Hofheim am Taunus

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