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Kitchen helpers are devices and gadgets that are designed to make cooking easier for us. There are objects that you use every day and those that are only taken out of the cupboard when you are preparing something very special. The everyday repertoire includes wooden spoons, spatulas, garlic presses, graters, mixers and the like, the production of more sophisticated dishes requires the use of a pasta machine, piping bag, ravioli cutter, meat grinder or vacuum sealer. However, kitchen helpers can also be helpful people or little culinary helpers. The latter include, for example, the products from the LAUX company, which are sold under the label KÜCHENHELFER, among others.

The collected magic from 35 manufactories

LAUX is a premium food manufacturer that has various products in its range. The beginnings of the company go back to the 1990s: At that time, all products were manufactured in the family business. More than 30 years later, they have long since outgrown their own four walls and have outsourced production. A little more than 35 small manufacturers produce delicatessen, spirits and wines for LAUX. When selecting its producers, the company attaches great importance to transparency and personal contact. The Leisewitz family knows all of their employees and maintains a trusting and close relationship with them. In addition to a good relationship, authenticity is important to them. Many products are made with regional raw materials according to local tradition and by hand. Instead of following the latest trends, the family follows their very own taste: what they like ends up in the range. During production, the manufactories rely on the latest technology and exquisite ingredients. Flavor enhancers and preservatives do not meet the high quality standards that LAUX has set itself.

Delicious cooking with the KITCHEN HELPERS

KITCHEN HELPERS are among the numerous brands under the LAUX umbrella. This label makes products to help you in the kitchen. The sauces and marinades take your kitchen skills to the next level and give your creations a huge taste boost. All KITCHEN HELPERS can be used in many ways and refine meat and fish, tofu and seitan, salads, vegetables and bread. Our favorite is of course the Burger Bomb BBQ Sauce , which is made with non-alcoholic beer and aromatic roasted malt. Like all products from LAUX, the barbecue sauce comes from a small, family-run factory and is made from natural raw materials. It is often a single ingredient that turns a simple dish into a real treat for the palate - the sauces from KÜCHENHELFER are exactly this secret ingredient and help you to conjure up real delicacies on the table.

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