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If you think of the range of drinks in Greece, not only an impossible catchy tune comes to mind, but also a whole range of fine wines. All sorts of grape varieties that produce fine wines thrive on the sunny slopes of the Mediterranean country. The red and white grape essence goes perfectly with Greek cuisine and complements olives, wheat, fish and seafood, vegetables, meat, cheese and herbs with its dry elegance. Even if you didn't assume it for a long time, the country's brewing history probably goes back several thousand years and today the beer has developed into a real alternative to wine. One team driving this development with their art is the Kykao brewery.

A divine experience

The young brewery is at home at the upper tip of the Peloponnese and has been producing craft beer specialties since 2018. Based on a Greek legend, the brewers want to make beers that generate almost transcendental experiences. Their quest is based on the legend of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The kidnapping of Demeter's daughter Persephone by the god of the underworld Hades and her return to the world of the living were celebrated in an elaborate ceremony. The festivities lasted several days and were subject to the strictest secrecy. Only a select circle was allowed to take part in the spectacle. An integral part of the rituals was a period of fasting, which ended with a special drink. The drink is now said to have a psychedelic effect, which could explain the religious experiences and encounters with God of the festival participants. It is believed that ergot was responsible. Of course, Kykao beers contain no psychedelic properties and certainly no ergot, but the brewers know their craft and create creations that take you into another world with imagination and irresistible depths of taste.

With a love of experimenting with special beers

Kykao is an independent microbrewery dedicated to producing premium craft beer. Their name derives from the Greek kykao, which means something like stirring up, confusing or mixing together. With its unusual ideas, the brewery wants to touch people and give them unforgettable pleasure experiences. Through wild experiments with brewing techniques, raw materials and styles, the team has created an illustrious range of exciting, challenging, unconventional beers. The brewers spare neither expense nor effort to create outstanding brews: some of the creations mature in oak barrels for several years , others contain expensive raw materials such as fine coffee from Panama or hand-picked mulberries. In addition to the taste of their beers, the team also cares about a relaxed, cooperative working atmosphere and the protection of the environment.

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