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La Pirata Brewing

The success story of the La Pirata brewery began, like so many before it, with a passion. The sheer enthusiasm for good beer motivated a handful of young people to start their first brewing attempts in their home kitchens. And the rest is legend.

From the saucepan to the brewhouse

Arán and Eric León took the first wobbly steps at home in their kitchen. Equipped with a lot of inspiration and rudimentary equipment, the two brewed their first beers. One or two failures happened, but after a short time the creations of the two were so tasty that more and more friends stopped by as if by chance and offered themselves as guinea pigs with pleasure. A few years went by in which recipes were perfected, ingredients found and styles tested. In 2012 the time had finally come and La Pirata ended its shadowy existence: From then on, the small team of the Spanish brewery brewed as guests at different breweries and gained a lot of friends as well as valuable experience. After three years of nomadic life, the brewers dared to start their own brewery. The La Pirata team set up camp in the small town of Súria and commercial brewing in their own four walls could begin.

Beer as a matter of the heart

The busy brewers have already started a large number of exciting collaborations with brewers from all over the world. The focus of the young brewery is the love of good beer. All creations from La Pirata are handcrafted and every step is personally monitored by the brewers. Thanks to this transparent and careful way of working, Arán and León can guarantee outstanding quality. With their beers, they not only inspire people in and around Barcelona, but also beer fans in all corners of the world. In addition to the exquisite taste, the beers also score with their external values: a different artist or graphic designer is hired for each individual type of beer, who designs a label to match the liquid work of art. The designs are just as colorful, lively and unique as the beers behind them. Even after years of brewing in their own brewery, the brewers have not lost their love of experiment: the beers are brave, extraordinary and exciting. Typical for the brewery are high-proof brews with a loud character and a lot of taste, which have already drawn the attention of jurors of international competitions to the small Spanish brewery. La Piratas beers are award-winning and taste that way.

The brewery's latest heart project is the opening of La Pirata Bars: Places where the thirst for beer can be quenched to your heart's content and the joy of beer can be celebrated. We are excited!

Logo: La Pirata Brewing

Polígon Industrial La Pobla
Nau 15
parcel·la J
08260 Súria (Barcelona)

location_on Spanien (ES)  
phone +34 938696596 +34 938696596

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