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The linden tree is a tree that grows almost everywhere in the world. In our latitudes, in addition to being used as a source of wood, bee pasture and tea herb, it also had a special meaning. The Germanic peoples and Slavs considered the linden tree to be sacred and attributed feminine attributes to it. The importance of the plant in rural areas can still be seen today: many towns in Germany have a village lime tree, which is in the center and is the venue for festivities. Courts used to be held under the linden trees, but today they are a popular tree for avenues or parks and give their names to cities, streets and breweries. The Lindenbräu, which we would like to introduce to you at this point, comes from the Lower Franconian Gräfendorf, where there are numerous linden trees.

Family matter

Before the brewery opened its doors, there was a communal brewery in Gräfenberg. The community's citizens with brewing rights were allowed to use the brewery, which was built in 1628, to brew beer for their own needs. A master brewer was there to give them advice and help and help transform hops, yeast, malt and water into a tasty brew. The storage then took place in our own cellar. This tradition was maintained until the early 20th century, and from 1932 onwards the beer for the community came from Fritz Brehmer's brewery. His brewery and the threshing floor malting house, which was built a few years later, are still in use today. The inn has belonged to his family since 1900 and still does: Irene Brehmer-Stockum and Ralf Stockum are at the head of the brewery and represent the third generation of their family. Over the years, countless modernizations have been carried out, but the inn has retained its rustic charm and rural cosiness. With hearty cuisine and a crackling fire in the tiled stove, you can enjoy the finest home-made food and drink a freshly tapped beer.

From the region, with the region and for the region

In addition to hospitality, the Brehmer-Stockum family is passionate about beer and their homeland. Their brewing pieces combine these traditional values: In a transparent process, regional raw materials are processed using classic recipes to create down-to-earth brewing pieces of outstanding quality. When choosing hops and malt, the brewery relies on its network of local farmers and there are also people from the local area in the brewhouse and in the restaurant who are paid fairly. Some of the malt is produced in the brewery's own malting house. The beer is prepared with great dedication and matures in peace to its full glory.

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Lindenbräu e.K.
Am Bach 3
91322 Gräfenberg

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