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Liquid Story Brewing Co.

Stories are the stuff of our dreams and the basis of human togetherness. We tell stories to share our own experiences, exciting adventures, happy coincidences, grandiose events and intense feelings and to exchange valuable experiences. We deal with stories like valuable treasures and tell them in whispers, with bated breath, with bubbling words, in great excitement, in single words, bursting with energy or thoughtfully and carefully. Stories connect lives and connect people.

Let the beer do the talking!

The founders of the brewery Liquid Story Brewing are big fans of good stories and have therefore made them the subject of their work. They are not interested in telling us their entire life story in thousands of words. Instead, they want to let their beers speak for themselves. Every single creation from her pen carries elements of her story with it and not only provides you with the finest beer enjoyment but also a piece of history. With subtly composed worlds of taste, the beers convey the motivation, enthusiasm, creativity and dedication of their brewers. Behind every brew is a love of detail and the desire to create something absolutely perfect for you. And you are part of this story: you choose the beer and create a very personal moment of pleasure for yourself. Instead of many words, Liquid Story Brewing lets beer speak for itself.

We conform to this unique concept. A beer says more than a thousand words, which is why we will take you straight to Liquid Story's eloquent creations. Find your favorite story right here, let yourself be carried away into the exciting world of taste and discover the stories that Waiting in the Dark , What a Question and Co. want to tell you!

Logo: Liquid Story Brewing Co.

Liquid Story Brewing UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Calvördestraße 11
38118 Braunschweig

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone +49(0)1525 1380422 +49(0)1525 1380422

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Verkostungsglas 0,35L
€ 4,50
Liquid Story Brewing Co. 1 St. — € 4,50 / St.
The Morning After
€ 3,50
Liquid Story Brewing Co. 0,33 l bottle — € 10,61 / ltr
Too popular
All Night Long
€ 3,50
Liquid Story Brewing Co. 0,33 l bottle — € 10,61 / ltr
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