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Little Rain Brewing

That's the thing about rain: most of us don't like it when it pours down and rain is generally labeled as bad weather. However, the sky water also has a lot of positive effects. Farmers are happy about every drop that they don't have to water themselves, nature literally breathes a sigh of relief when it takes a real shower and flowers literally only grow when the soil has enough moisture. If all of this hasn't convinced you yet, then hopefully Little Rain Brewing will.

Rain brings blessings, especially when it rains beer, doesn't it?

For the love of hops

Everything the Little Rain brewery thinks and does is based on one guiding principle: "We Love Hops" is the motto, the drive and the motivation of the brewers and sums up their attitude to life wonderfully. The team hails from Barcelona and consists of people who can easily be described as absolute hopheads. The hop-crazy crew got together in spring 2021 to indulge their passion for beer together. The Little Rain Brewing Company, which has made brewing hopped India Pale Ales its main task, was born out of a pure love of hops. The beer style is one of the most popular in the craft beer scene and is characterized by its high hop intensity. Hardly any variety contains more of the green gold and the brewers sometimes use more than five different hops to give their beer the maximum flavor and fine bitterness. Just the right style for hop lovers like Little Rain's brewers!

hops for everyone

The beer of the hop magicians is a hoppy hodgepodge of aromatic India Pale Ales and other hoppy beers. Although the brewery is still young and doesn't have centuries of brewing tradition behind it, their creations are certainly worth seeing and tasting. A tropical highlight in the brewery's range is Guava Jelly, for example: the fruity Gose was created in cooperation with the Swedish brewery Duckpond Brewing and is brewed with a whole range of wacky ingredients. In addition to the guava that gives it its name, mango and passion fruit go into the cauldron. Marshmallows and lactose provide creamy sweetness and a smooth, milkshake-like mouthfeel. Of course, the surprising summer hit also contains a good portion of hops. Treat your palate to a full load of hops with the tasty creations from Little Rain!

We are ready for this rain even without an umbrella, rubber boots and Friesennerz!

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