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Löwenbräu Buttenheim

Buttenheim near Bamberg is best known for having produced Levi Strauss. The inventor of jeans was born in Buttenheim and lived here for 17 years before emigrating to the United States with his mother and siblings. Today the Levi Strauss Museum commemorates the community's well-known son. Although the Upper Franconian town currently has barely 4,000 inhabitants, it has several breweries . The market town is nestled in the idyllic Regnitztal at the gateway to Franconian Switzerland and offers hungry and thirsty people a wide range of inns, breweries, beer cellars and pubs. One of these is the Löwenbräu, which has been providing the people of Buttenheim and their guests with hand-crafted beer specialties and the finest Franconian cuisine for more than 140 years. rn


family matters

The brewery was founded in 1880. At that time, the Modschiedler family was at the helm of the company and is still at the helm today: the brewery and guesthouse have been passed down from generation to generation, and the same applies to the tried-and-tested recipes and the brewing craft. The family has close roots in their homeland and sees it as their responsibility to provide the men, women and children of their community with homemade delicacies. Franconian hospitality is in their blood and is part of their daily bread. With attention to detail and great dedication, the team produces a down-to-earth selection of tasty beers that reflect the Bavarian art of brewing and do without unnecessary frills. In addition to the classics, which should not be missing from any product range, the brewery brews a number of seasonally limited festival beers. For example, at the famous Annafest there is an Annafest beer, a Bock is brewed during Lent and at Christmas there is the good Christmas festival beer . rn

Warm, Franconian, cozy

When you visit the inn, the guest rooms or the brewery, you can feel that tradition is being honored here. The room is very comfortably furnished and invites you to linger with its typical Franconian furnishings. A tempting scent always wafts from the kitchen and the menu tempts with roast meat, dumplings, vegetables, game and regional fish. There is something for every taste here and the right beer is freshly tapped from the barrel. We can't deliver the roast pork from Modschiedler's kitchen, which is famous beyond Buttenheim's borders, but you can order the delicious beer directly from us here. rn

Immerse yourself in the Franconian culinary culture and get to know the birthplace of Levi Strauss in a culinary way!rn

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Löwenbräu Buttenheim
Johann Modschiedler
Marktstraße 8
96155 Buttenheim

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