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The Lutzenburger Liqueur- und Genussmanufaktur is the source of numerous, exquisite culinary delights. Fine cakes, exquisite sweets, sparkling lemonades, hoppy liqueurs and hand-scooped chocolates are just some of the wonderful products that come from the Lutzenburger company in the heart of the Hallertau hops country.

Wonderful water

In 1789, Johann Lutzenburger conjured up a specialty from alcohol and sugar that was then called wonderful water. Sugar was a rare commodity and a very special treat, especially when combined with alcohol. With his wonderful water, Johann Lutzenburger laid the foundation stone for the Lutzenburg pleasure empire, to which his brandy distillery has grown today. Vinegar and beer were quickly added to his liqueurs, and the confectionery with a café and confectionery shop soon followed suit. In addition to liqueurs, beer and wine, you can now also buy fine spirits such as Hallertauer Hopfengold . The wide range from the house of Lutzenburger is not only combined by the excellent taste but also by an all-encompassing quality feature: the excellent quality.

Green gold

In order to keep the quality promise, Lutzenburger only uses ingredients of the highest quality. Handpicked raw materials are processed into exquisite products with the utmost care and masterly craftsmanship. Passion and expertise combine to create a symbiosis of incomparable craftsmanship. One honors and preserves the long-standing traditions of the manufactory and tries to build on old greatness. "Anyone who wants to preserve the good must have the courage to try something new." Haus Lutzenburger has chosen this sentence as its guiding motto in order to keep up with the times and stay progressive. One innovation that couldn't be more appropriate is the focus of the products on the omnipresent topic of hops in the Hallertau. The green gold of the Hallertau gives the products of the Lutzenburger Liqueur- und Genussmanufaktur a beautiful regional component and makes the products something very special. The incomparable taste of hops is worked out in all its facets and processed into a wide range of products in a variety of ways. In addition to the hop liqueurs, Lutzenburger's repertoire includes hand-scooped beer chocolates, exquisite hop cone pralines and high-proof hop vodka. A more diverse representation of the plant, which is usually only associated with the production of beer, is hardly possible.

If you want to indulge your pleasure in hops in a form other than beer, we warmly recommend the Liqueur- und Genussmanufaktur Lutzenburger!

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