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Mahrs Bräu

Bamberg is in the heart of the region with the highest concentration of breweries in the world. Franconia's map is dotted with traditional breweries, privately run village breweries and young brewing manufactories. Hardly any other place on our planet is so crazy about beer and nowhere else you have such a grandiose selection of handcrafted creations. There are a variety of typical Franconian beer styles and many breweries also enrich their range with modern craft beer. The beer is a living part of the local culture and is celebrated every day. The city of Bamberg currently has a little more than a dozen breweries and one of them is Mahrs Bräu. The traditional company is a real institution in the world cultural heritage and has long been a popular meeting point for Bamberg and its visitors.

Family business for almost 130 years

The origin of the brewery can be traced back to 1670. The brewery was founded at that time and was first mentioned in a document. The brewery fell into the hands of the Michel family in 1895. They bought the farm in the Wunderburg district of Bamberg and the associated brewery with rock cellar on Stephansberg. Less than ten years later, boss Johann undertakes an immediate renovation and builds a new brick building. His descendants finally gave the brewery the name Mahrs Bräu and introduced sustainable concepts into the business. Further modernization and mechanization ensure that the brewery is state-of-the-art and produces as environmentally friendly as possible. The brewery has received awards for its commitment to nature and its beers also attract international attention. The range of Franconian classics is awarded prestigious medals in competitions and ensures that the brewery is known far beyond the borders of Bamberg and its home country.

Today, yesterday and tomorrow

As one of the last traditional breweries in Bamberg, the Mahrs Bräu bears a great deal of responsibility: the family bridges the gap between the traditional craftsmanship of their ancestors and the contemporary taste of modern beer lovers. Four generations of Michels have managed the fortunes of the brewery to this day and carry the legacy of their predecessors with pride and passion. Every beer that leaves the private brewery has character and taste. This is ensured by a team of professional brewmasters who combine the brewing trade with fresh ideas, state-of-the-art technology and a pinch of curiosity. To protect and preserve their homeland, the brewery supports numerous projects and uses green electricity. The Mahrs Bräu, for example, is part of the Slow Food movement and a partner of Beefuture, an organization that works to protect the bee population in Germany and Europe. The Michel family manages the balancing act between tradition and the present with bravura.

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Mahrs Bräu Bamberg GmbH
Wunderburg 10
96050 Bamberg

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