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For many of us, malt beer was the first contact with beer. For the layman, the non-alcoholic drink looks confusingly like beer, it smells of the finest malt and has almost the same nutritious ingredients as conventional beer. Gradually we switched to alcoholic beer, but the taste of malt beer left an unforgettable impression on our tongue. A Berlin company is now picking up on this nostalgic feeling and bringing a special kind of malt beer to the beer market.

Pure malt pleasure without sugar and other frills

Head, heart and hand behind the malt factory Maria Malta are Christoph, Tom and Fabian. Christoph is the beer expert in the round: He brews his own beer in his craft brewery in Friedrichshain and provides the team with the necessary know-how when it comes to the art of brewing. Tom complements this repertoire with homebrewing experience. He's also one of the two marketing geniuses around. Fabian also contributes marketing expertise and — like the other two — is an avid beer fan. Together they came up with Maria Malta. The creation is called a malt drink and is a brew that does not contain any added sugar or alcohol. Thanks to the combined experience of brewers, homebrewers and beer aficionados, the three were able to create a drink that separates pure enjoyment from alcohol and the associated consequences. Maria Malta is vegan and environmentally friendly: All raw materials are of purely vegetable origin and are grown in controlled organic agriculture. Instead of adding sugar to their product, the brewers go the extra mile and elicit a subtle sweetness from the malt during the brewing process.

An unrepentant pleasure

The aim of the project was an all-round carefree product. A drink that you can drink with a clear conscience and absolutely without hesitation. Even if you still have a driving test on the same day, are pregnant, are in an important conference with your boss, are only 12 years old, want to do sports later, have dinner with your in-laws, are going for a bike race or in the morning has a craving for hops and malt. Maria Malta consists of a hand-picked mixture of different malts, which are combined with a particularly aromatic hop variety to create a top-class malt drink. The full-bodied grain abundance is rounded off by harmonious hop accents and a sparkling freshness. In order to take away all your worries about climate technology, the brewery compensates for its Co2 emissions by supporting a climate protection project.

Fancy malt beer? You are in the right place!

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Flessa Liebrich Hormann GbR
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10245 Berlin

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