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Martin Droschke / Norbert Krines

Apart from the first letter, beer and books usually have little in common. The specimens that we have selected for you are completely different. Norbert Krines and Martin Droschke have teamed up for several projects and indulged their passion for good beer in literary form. Krines is Kulmbacher and comes from a real Franconian beer region. He was practically born with beer, so it is hardly surprising that a German studies graduate is a passionate home brewer and runs a beer blog for which he tastes a different Franconian beer every day. His partner in crime Martin Droschke is equally enthusiastic about beer. The Augsburg man, who has already worked in all branches of the literary spectrum, enjoys the Franconian beer landscape with joy and appetite.

111 Franconian beers that you have to drink

Krines and Droschke invite the ambitious beer drinker on a detailed journey through the impressive beer landscape of Franconia. On 240 pages the reader discovers the beer variety of Franconia and learns that beer is something that Franconians take very seriously. Bock beer, smoked beer, pilsner beer, wheat beer, cellar beer and lager are just some of the varieties that the region with the world's highest density of breweries has to offer. In addition to the types of beer, customs and curiosities relating to beer are also presented. In funny anecdotes, the two beer connoisseurs convey useful specialist knowledge in their work " 111 Franconian beers that you have to drink ". In Franconia, for example, they know that you can get to your next beer faster if you put the empty beer mug flat on the table. However, this usually only applies in the beer cellar and if you try the whole thing with a beer glass in Bamberg's Schlenkerla, the Franconian-charming waitresses will put one on the lid.

But no beer.

111 German craft beers that you have to drink

The beer scene is changing: Conservative Germany has long since ceased to offer just pils and wheat beer. Creative, innovative, crazy beers have conquered the beer market and challenge the taste buds of long-established beer drinkers to the utmost. Ingredients that would never have been associated with beer find their way into the cauldrons of wild brewers, and the result is beers that have little in common with conventional beers in Germany. " 111 German craft beers that you have to drink " is a non-fiction book that definitely arouses the thirst for beer. Droschke and Krines describe the new, wild craft beers in Germany and their breweries so vividly that you almost think you can reach into your book and take the beer out directly.

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