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Mönchshof BrauSpezialitäten

The Mönchshof brewery is a real institution in the Kulmbach area. The bottles with the typical swing top are on every beer shelf and countless pubs, bars and restaurants have their beers on offer. From the name and the friendly gentleman with a tonsure, green robe and beer tankard in the brewery logo, one can see that monks play a major role in the traditional company.

More than 650 years of brewery history

The Mönchshof brewing specialties go back to the year 1349: that was when the monastery in Kulmbach was built and the foundation stone for the town's beer history was laid. The abbey belonged to the Langheim Cistercian monastery and started brewing shortly after it was founded. Monks brewed both for their own use and for sale. At that time, all proceeds were used for the maintenance of the monastery, for the livelihood of the monks and for good causes. Brewing was also considered a physical balance to daily prayer. Until the beginning of the 19th century, the monks produced the finest beer and developed a wide-ranging repertoire of sophisticated recipes. In 1803 the Mönchshof was secularized and henceforth belonged to the state. Almost 50 years later, Erhard Ender bought the estate and built the first official malt and brewery. The company changed hands several times before it was entered in the commercial register in 1885. The brewery attracted international attention in 1888 when it was awarded a prestigious prize for its beer at the World Exhibition in Brussels. Countless other awards follow. Mönchshof survived both world wars without any catastrophic damage and, thanks to great success, was able to undertake more and more modernization and expansion. The well-known swing top was introduced in 1998 and has been the trademark of the brewery ever since. Today Mönchshof is an integral part of the international beer market.

Enjoying beer with a pop

Despite the introduction of the most modern technology, the brewery still relies on the brewing tradition of its ancestors: Tried and tested recipes have been passed on for generations and the brewers draw on the wealth of experience of their predecessors. The team puts their heart and soul into producing the finest beer creations every day. From the choice of the best regional raw materials to bottling, every step is carried out in the brewery. This is the only way Mönchshof can guarantee its outstanding quality and excellent taste in every single bottle of beer. The iconic swing top adds an acoustic component to the enjoyment of beer and adds a happy popping sound to the drinking pleasure. All Mönchshof beers are brewed in accordance with the specifications of the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. The range consists of fine Franconian classics with character and soul.

Logo: Mönchshof BrauSpezialitäten

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