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Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Anyone who thinks that beer and technology have nothing to do with each other has not yet met the team at the Dutch brewery Moersleutel. The brewers like to call themselves beer engineers and see the process from the initial planning to the finished beer as a technical tour de force not dissimilar to the development of a sophisticated device. The brewery has chosen its name and logo in line with this philosophy: the term Moersleutel is the Dutch equivalent of the German wrench and one can be found on every bottle and can.

family thing

There are four brothers behind the young label. Although the father ran a small brewery, his sons aspired in a completely different direction: all chose technical professions and studied to work in this field. In their youthful carelessness they believed that they were superior to their father in everything. Of course, this also applied to brewing. Her father did not put up with her high spirits and challenged her to a beery duel. The first attempt went terribly wrong. The brothers' first work could well be described as dishwater, but dad proved to be a good winner and taught his sons his trade. With renewed enthusiasm, the four learned brewing from scratch and a short time later they were ready to present a new brew. They ventured onto the Dutch beer market with a full-bodied Imperial Stout and were rewarded with success. Because their ambition was only really sparked now, they tinkered with the recipe until it was absolutely perfect. They stuck to this method: Even if the first version of a beer is already quite good, the brewers strive to make the second and third editions even better.

Beer with technology and technology for beer

Today Pim, Tom, Rob and Max are their own bosses and the brains behind Moersleutel. The brewery was officially founded in 2016, when the experimentation phase had produced a solid basic range. Today, the brewers make very different beers and let their imagination run wild. The four of them prefer heavy hop bombs, delicious collaborations, super seasonal and complex creations. At Moersleutel, the whole family pitches in. Dad helps when things get stuck in the brewery and Mom Margreet is the specialist when it comes to computer stuff. Incidentally, the boys' technical background is their second mainstay: the four of them design machines for the brewery and work to make life easier for their colleagues.

Logo: Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Moersleutel Craft Brewery
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1812 RC Alkmaar

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