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Mr. Filbert\'s

Beer is a drink that is an absolute stunner all on its own. The barley juice does not need any decorative accessories to shine. On the contrary: Some craft beer specialties are so complex and tightly woven that they seem like a whole dish. In manifold layers, they bring exquisite pleasure to our tongue and excite our taste buds. Although beer obviously shines without culinary accompaniment, we are not averse to beer snacks. A handful of chips with dip, cheese, fried food or a few nuts will satisfy your craving for something salty wonderfully. In order to be able to present you with the perfect snack for your favorite drink, we brought real experts on board: The Mr. Filbert's team comes from the homeland of ale and understands something about the cravings that you sometimes feel when drinking beer .

Naturally good

In addition to marinated olives, roasted (but not popped) corn and hearty dried meat in different versions, nuts are the manufactory's specialty. Nuts are an ideal accompaniment to beer because their natural and healthy fat creates a good base for the alcohol. They're also delicious, especially when prepared like Mr. Filbert's. The company was founded in 2010 by a group of foodies. The founders already had some experience in the food industry and use this expertise to uncover a gap in the market: In the overwhelming amount of savory snacks, there were hardly any with excellent quality and excellent taste that did without artificial additives or flavors. A grievance that Mr. Filibert's should remedy.

A little bit better every day

Due to a lack of professional equipment, the founders used a coffee roaster at the beginning of their journey. Today they are better equipped, but the principle of their work and the exquisite ingredients have not changed to this day. Fresh herbs and hand-picked regional specialties such as wild garlic are responsible for the wonderful taste of the products. One of our favorites in the range is the mixed nuts with sea salt : This tasty mix combines pure peanuts, cashews and almonds with a hint of oil and a portion of sea salt. According to their motto, the manufactory produces snacks that exceed all expectations. In addition to the accurate taste of their products, Mr. Filbert's also cares about the environment. In order to produce as little waste as possible, some of the goods are packed in recycled plastic and labeled with sustainable paper. In the future, the company wants to do without plastic entirely and continue to work on being environmentally friendly.

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