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The Ruhrpott is coming! For a long time, the Ruhr area was considered the ugliest corner of Germany due to coal mining and hard coal deposits. Although the region is the most densely populated in the country, nobody wanted to go there. And certainly not on vacation! In the meantime, the Pott is working on showing its beautiful side to the outside world and showing people from the rest of Germany what it has to offer. Among other things, for example, craft beer!

Fine from the pot

The young craft brewery Mücke is committed to more beer culture in the West. Michael Kesseböhmer and Dennis Pfahl come from Essen and want to revive the formerly rich beer tradition of their homeland. Under the Mücke Craft Beer label, they brew old classics with a new coat of paint. The name of their brewery is based on the mining area: until not so long ago, the mined coal was not transported by machines but by powerful mine horses. The animals worked underground until around the middle of the last century, transporting the black gold from A to B. The last horse at the Zollverein colliery was called Mücke — a name that Dennis remembered. When it came to naming their brand, Michael and Dennis wanted something regional and that's when Mücke came to mind. They liked the beautiful contrast between the sheer power of the horse and the feather-light elegance of the insect. Hammer, iron and a wreath of hop cones rounded off the logo and sealed the name. The Ruhr area is close to their hearts, which is why they want to spread the word about good craft beer there and use it to promote a better reputation for their home.

word of mouth

Dennis and Michael are not trained master brewers, but simply enthusiastic beer drinkers. While having a beer together, the idea of brewing came to them and they quickly equipped themselves with a small brewing system for their home and got started. The transition between hobby and part-time brewers was then fluid: With growing experience, the brews got better and better and word got around about their beer. The drinking hall in Bochum was the first place where he sold her beer. Since then, the two have been brewing their creations in Liebhardt's private brewery with their friend Frank. He not only supports them with his premises, he also gives the two newcomers valuable tips and shares his experience with them. The beer that is created in this community gives you an insight into the Ruhrpott of today and tastefully combines modernity and tradition.

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