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New Sarum

Craft beer has a reputation for being aloof and extravagant, but the modern movement is more about building on the high art of brewing of bygone times. Even if you sometimes find strange ingredients on the labels of today's creations, there is still a lot of craftsmanship and specialist knowledge passed down from generation to generation. This is a great development, especially in the United States, where many beers come from large-scale industrial breweries.

Yesterday and today in tasteful harmony

The New Sarum brewery from Salisbury in North Carolina follows exactly this theme and impressively shows how historical brewing art can be transported into the here and now with contemporary raw materials. With attention to detail and dedication, the team reconstructs techniques from the centuries-old brewing craft and creates recipes that combine the best of the past and present. Every brewing project begins with extensive research into the planned beer style: the brewers pour through history books and try to find out as much as they can about it. Raw materials are then selected and experimentation can begin. In a lengthy process, ingredients, methodology and taste are refined until the end result is a perfect brew. Best quality, full-bodiedness and outstanding aroma have top priority.

Old Sarum becomes New Sarum

The company's name is based on Salisbury's English sister city. The town of the same name in Great Britain was called Old Sarum during settler times. The brewery's logo is a combination of the city arms of Old Sarum and Salisbury and shows two golden griffins, a blue coat of arms with a barrel, ears of corn and a hop umbel. Under the watchful eye of the griffins, a range of down-to-earth beers is produced, presenting us with styles from other countries alongside American classics. In order to continually develop and stay in tune with the times, the brewers, in addition to producing their core range, which is available all year round, allow themselves projects and series that are more experimental and free. They try out new and old fermentation techniques, age brews in barrels and test out new raw materials. On behalf of their customers, the brewers are always looking for new taste revelations. If you want to see the enthusiasm and passion of the team live on site, you can pay a visit to New Sarum: the taproom is located in the heart of the brewery. There you can drink freshly tapped beer and watch the brewers at work.

If North Carolina isn't just around the corner from you, you can of course get to know the brewery and its creations here too!

Logo: New Sarum

New Sarum Brewing
109 N Lee St
Salisbury, NC

location_on Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)  

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