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Nina Anika Klotz

Nina is our hop heroine - in the truest sense of the word, because the freelance journalist and beer sommelier is the founder of Germany's leading digital craft beer magazine "Hopfenhelden". Nina's universe is all about beer. But not about boring, monotonous, conventional beer, but about extraordinary, special, creative and wild beers. In short, craft beer.

For the love of beer

As a native Bavarian, Nina was practically born with a love for beer. She traditionally liked what her homeland has to offer, namely light beer and wheat beer. But then the first craft beer entered her life: an IPA. Since then, the craft beer hype has infected Nina and she predicted the movement would have a great response in the beer country Germany. Craft beer is becoming more and more popular in Germany and Nina is making a no small contribution to this. With a lot of enthusiasm, specialist knowledge and attention to detail, she conveys beer knowledge, asks exciting questions and engages brewers who are anything but normal. Nina tells the stories behind the beer and gives us an insight into the fascinating world of beer far away from the large brewery and tavern.

99x craft beer. The best beers that have to be tried

In the last few years there has been a tremendous change in the beer scene in Europe: the formerly few styles of beer on which brewers concentrated have been given company. Pils, Bock and Lager were joined by a lot more of the around 120 beer styles around the world, and Germany's beer landscape was and will be colorful. Choosing the right beer has of course become more complicated as the range has grown. You can't try them all, especially because many of the craft beers have a higher alcohol content and are actually intended to be consumed consciously rather than rushed down. Nina gives us with her book “ 99x Craft Beer. The best beers that you have to try “exactly what we need to get an overview of the craft beer jungle. On 192 pages she presents her favorite beers for every situation and the brewers that go with them. We read funny anecdotes, turbulent brewery stories and wise words from young and old brewers. Nina's work is a fabulous overview of the blossoming craft beer landscape and is entertaining read that makes you thirsty for more.

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