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Poppels Bryggeri

Poppels Bryggeri microbrewery proves that in Sweden there are not only beautiful, blonde girls and furniture with incredibly complicated assembly instructions. Back in December 2012, when the craft beer movement was still in its infancy, a large group of passionate beer lovers founded the Swedish brewery. Since then, their path has been climbing steeply, because these Swedes have great success at national and international level. In the craft beer world, the Swedish market is a highly competitive territory for top-class breweries. Exactly the right playground for Poppels Bryggeri, who want to play with the greats of the craft beer scene with their beers.

Organic - logical!

The makers behind Poppels Bryggeri believe in organic quality craftsmanship. Based on her great passion for beer and the striving to keep improving her products, Poppels Bryggeri Bio has taken on the cause. Organically grown ingredients of the highest quality are processed into wonderful beer in the most gentle and sustainable way possible. Brewing craft with the smallest possible ecological footprint: That is the goal that Poppels Bryggeri has not only awarded the title of “Sweden's largest organic brewery”, but also international reputation. Maximum taste with minimal environmental impact - a motto that makes drinking beer even better!

Success story

Anyone who expects monotonous, well-behaved beers is far from it. Poppels Bryggeri surprises with top quality craft beers that are brewed with finesse and passion. Beers such as Session IPA with oats or their popular Dark Lager, which are brewed in the traditional Bavarian way, are long-running beers. At Poppels Bryggeri, numerous classic craft beers are made in traditional brewing styles, but they are not afraid of crazy ingredients such as currants. Their Project 003, an Imperial Season, was virtually ripped out of their hands: It was sold out minutes after it was published. Success all along the line, which runs like a red thread through the history of the brewery. The steady increase in sales has already required several relocations and expansions of the brewing system - an obligation for aspiring brewers, which the Poppels Bryggeri team is of course happy to fulfill.

Logo: Poppels Bryggeri

Poppels Bryggeri AB
Jonsereds Fabriker
Kanalstraket 5
433 76 Jonsered

location_on Schweden (SE)  

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