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Privat-Brauerei Strate Detmold

From the outside, the Strate private brewery on the outskirts of the idyllic town of Detmold looks like a castle. A tower and two magnificent stepped gables adorn the ornate brick building, large windows and a sacred arched window break through the copper-red masonry and add to the charm of the building. A beautiful garden with flowering beds and gnarled trees surrounds the brewery and the interior is also impressive: copper kettles and brewing pans polished to a shine adorn the sacred halls and combine the latest technology with artistic craftsmanship. Their beautiful brewery is the pride of the Strate family, which is now the fifth generation to run the brewery.

Craftsmanship, tradition and modernity in harmony

Four more generations of Strates were already at work before Renate, Friederike and Simone Strate, a group of energetic power women took over the scepter of the brewery. The private brewery was founded in 1863 and has been in family hands ever since. Traditionally, the fine creations from the chic brewery are filled in flip-top bottles. Behind the bar are subtly composed and handcrafted beers that not only inspire us. For years, the good work of the brewers has been rewarded with renowned awards and prizes. While mother Renate and sister Simone take care of the management and the commercial side of the brewery, Friederike Strate is the master brewer and responsible for the beer. Craftsmanship plays a major role in the philosophy of the Strate private brewery: the fine wines are genuinely hand-brewed and are made with the best raw materials. Artificial additives, extracts or flavors have no place here and haste is a foreign word. The beers from the Detmold brewery are produced with calm, dedication and passion using a brewing system that combines the latest technology with tradition.

women with vision

In addition to producing delicious beers, the ladies at the Strate private brewery have a whole host of other things close to their hearts. Promoting the region is one of the matters close to the heart of the trio. Under the motto "In the region, for the region", the management has found more and more suppliers and farmers in their immediate vicinity over the past few years and a large part of the raw materials is sourced from them. In addition, there are many projects with regional manufactories and manufacturers. However, the desire to network with local people does not only relate to the ingredients for the beer: the spent grains, a waste product of the brewing process, are used as feed for animals in the region, new buildings for the brewery are being built by local craftsmen and the brewery supports regional projects in the cultural, social and sporting areas through intensive sponsoring.

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Privat-Brauerei Strate Detmold GmbH & Co. KG
Palaisstraße 1-13
32756 Detmold

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