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The small town of Pühaste is nestled on the idyllic bank of the Võrtsjärve. The Estonian village was largely unknown until recently. Except for the lake and its enchanting landscape, there wasn't very much to do there. That changed suddenly in 2011.

Eero's path to happiness

When master brewer Eero started his first brewing attempts, his test kitchen was in the summer house in Pühaste. The passionate beer lover brewed fine craft beers for his loved ones with the simplest of equipment. The craft beer from Eeros Hütte, however, got around quickly and quickly inspired more people than just his friends and family. In response to everyone's encouragement, the brewer began his guest performance in the surrounding breweries: As a cuckoo brewer, Eero produced wonderful beer yeast on various brewing systems and refined his recipes to the point where there was no getting past his own brewery. Five years later, the brewer decided to take the plunge. He named his brewery after the place where it all began. Pühaste opened its gates on September 10, 2016 and has long since ceased to supply Eero's friends with delicious beer. The home of the small craft brewery is Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia

A mouthful of Estonia for everyone

The Estonian brewery has made a rocket start and is now selling its craft beer in almost 30 countries. In addition to a stable core range of ten tasty beers, Eero and his team brew seasonal specialties, an exceptional wild ale and the Silver Series. In numerous collaborations, Eero remembers his own beginnings and exchanges experiences, recipes and techniques with befriended brewers from all over the world. The colorful labels, which give the craft beers an artistic flair, are a particular eye-catcher. Behind the design are creative beers that score with taste, craftsmanship and interesting styles. From a chocolate stout to barrel-aged beer with exotic vanilla to the juicy Black Double IPA, there is a suitable beer for every taste.

Logo: Pühaste

Pühaste Pruulikoda OÜ
Tähe 133c,
50107 Tartu

location_on Estland (EE)  
phone +372 5551 2113 +372 5551 2113

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