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The Quilmes Brewery is one of the main sponsors of the Argentina national soccer team and has the colors of the flag of Argentina on the label of all beers. In an almost Franconian-looking blue and white, the bottles radiate the relaxed mentality of the Argentines. There is a cliché that Argentines are so relaxed that they even use the Pope.

However, we don't know whether he also received a beso, i.e. a kiss, as a greeting.

For the sake of the environment

With the help of new technologies and constant innovation, Quilmes contributes to the compliance with the EU climate plan. The brewing process ensures that water and energy are used sparingly, and the Argentinian homeland should be spared and protected. By reducing, reusing and recycling resources, Quilmes pays attention to the preservation of the environment and takes ecological responsibility with the raw materials. Despite all the care and love for nature, the Quilmes brewers never lose focus on the most important thing: the beer. Their good Quilmes is an absolute bestseller and is known and loved far beyond the borders of Argentina. The South American lager tastes great with all kinds of meat dishes, as they are typical in Argentina. The love of grilling is shared by Argentinians and Germans, grilling is a popular sport there.

We raise our glasses to the international association of like-minded people!

Success with discipline

Quilmes works according to strict principles set out in the company statutes. The dream of being the best beverage company that makes the world a better place unites all of the company's employees. The large team at Quilmes consists of exceptional, hand-picked people who give their best every day. It's not for nothing that Quilmes describes them as the company's most valuable asset. The work is accompanied by the constant desire to become better and to stand out from the competition. The customer is king and his needs and wishes are pursued with the highest priority. There is a piece of personality in the good beer from Quilmes from everyone who has worked on it and put their heart and soul into it. Beer is getting more and more unusual and complicated these days, and Quilmes is down-to-earth. You live and brew what common sense says and forego unnecessary complexity and frills in favor of a clear line. This also means that you always keep your word and stick to what you say. No empty phrases, just honest promises.

Logo: Quilmes

Cerveceria Malteria Quilmes SAICAY
Avenida 12 de Octubre y Gran Canaria
Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1878

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