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Hardly any other German band is as controversial as Rammstein and enjoys this dubious reputation as much as the makers of music with hard sounds and even harder lyrics.

Brushed on riot

The founding of Rammstein in the early 1990s marked the beginning of a true success story. After getting together from various other bands, the six members landed their first record deal in 1995 and released the first of countless albums. A concert tour in Germany and the EU followed and the band hit the headlines with controversial actions. Incidents at concerts and an incident with the then MTV executive gave the men a reputation that preceded them well beyond the borders of their home country. Nevertheless, the first concerts in the USA took place in 1997 and the band gained international recognition and fame. Rammstein's performances were already legendary back then: pyrotechnics, costumes or the lack of any clothing were and are an integral part of every concert and the band delivers far more than just their music. Rammstein has always made friends and enemies alike with this strategy. The sometimes obnoxious and intentionally provocative lyrics and music videos are part of the band's appeal for fans, and for critics they provide a lot of material for complaint. Rammstein deliberately plays with its reputation and likes to take the provocation to the extreme and sometimes a whole lot more.

Soothing beer

Unlike lyrics, music, performances and videos, the band's beer is uncontroversial. The crisp Pilsner in the design of the band is brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law by country breweries in Germany. It consists of hand-picked ingredients from regional cultivation and has a drinkable character that appeals to fans and enemies of the band alike. Thanks to its clean, clear and harmoniously bitter character, it pairs beautifully with a wide variety of different dishes. Of course, it tastes best when you're standing in the midst of a roaring crowd of fans at a Rammstein concert, but the Pils also tastes great on the balcony, by the river, in the garden or on the sofa. And the music can simply come from headphones.

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