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There has always been a breath of adventure in the air in the Hanseatic cities in northern Germany. The seaside towns were the fulcrum of shipping traffic, the scene of lively trade and the home of wealthy citizens. According to legend, not only respected citizens and sailors were found in the Hanseatic cities, but also all kinds of adventurers and do-not-gooders. With Stralsund and the neighboring island of Rügen, one thing in particular is often mentioned in the same breath: the pirate Klaus Störtebeker.

The way from the Stralsundische Verein brewery to the Störtebeker brewery

As far as we know, the alleged pirate did not set up his own brewery, but there is a brewery in Stralsund that bears his notorious name. Störtebeker Brewery Specialties is a brewery from Stralsund, which dates back to the Hanseatic times and the busy shipping traffic between Stralsund and Denmark, Norway and England. The fine beer from the Hanseatic city was shipped around the world and, along with other goods, ensured that Stralsund became a prosperous trading city. At that time still called "Stralsundische Vereinsbrauerei", the company supplied Durstige far beyond the borders of Stralsund. A cooling machine ensured a significant increase in quality and consequently also in sales. At the end of the 19th century, beer was still being cooled in ice cellars in large parts of Germany and could only be kept fresh when the temperatures were low. The electric cooling machines put an end to this misery and made fresh beer possible all year round. This development resulted in an enlargement of the brewery and the Second World War could not put an end to the streak of success. Only the planned economy and the associated restrictions caused the curve to sink somewhat. The brewery also survived these times and experienced a small renaissance in 2010. With new momentum, big plans and the old traditions in mind, the brewery was turned inside out. They modernized, drafted concepts and gave the project a new name: The Störtebeker Braumanufaktur was born!

Free brewers instead of privateers

As a member of the Free Brewers, Störtebeker Braumanufaktur has committed itself to the high standards of the community and always strives for the highest quality. The Free Brewers are a group of private breweries that operate independently of corporate groups. This independence ensures maximum transparency and control over the entire brewing process. Diversity is another principle that is upheld at Störtebeker. The Stralsund brewery's range includes traditional beers and classics as well as modern craft beers and experimental beer styles. What all beers have in common is quality: the top priority and the driving force is the pursuit of outstanding quality. Taste, freshness and character are a must.

The Störtebeker Braumanufaktur is a company with an awareness of tradition and craftsmanship and the home of excellent beers.

Logo: Störtebeker

Störtebeker Braumanufaktur GmbH
Greifswalder Chaussee 84-85
18439 Stralsund

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone 03831 / 2550 03831 / 2550

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