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Super friends, super beer!

Beer is very important to many people. It's not just a refreshing after-work drink, it is part of our culture, a traditional element of our joie de vivre and sometimes a link between people. Beer united. It brings people of different generations around the table, reconciles brothers, welds friends together and maybe sometimes even cemented a family quarrel. The Superfreunde, a young label from Hamburg, understand the magic of beer and have made it their business to brew beer that connects.

Beer for everyone

For three years now, the guys have been touring Germany and Europe and brewing their beer on the systems of friendly breweries. As so-called gypsy brewers, the brewers do not have their own brewery, but rent from other breweries from time to time. This not only brings a breath of fresh air into the range, but also makes a lot of friends all over the world. The career changers work with heart and hand to bring good beers to the people. Recipes are worked out together in a team, each ingredient is carefully selected by hand. The super friends pursue their mission with discipline and good humor. To bring beers like Fruity Devil Horns or their Pils to men and women, they have even gone on tour twice. Not to play music, but to bring your beer to the bars and pubs in Germany. Everyone should taste a piece of their attitude to life and be infected by their flow.

A beer brand with style

The super friends raise their label with a great sense of style and aesthetics. The labels are real eye-catchers, the whole concept is well thought out and stylish. With all of the work, the guys can rely on their network. True to their motto, they have networked with brewers, designers, hosts and suppliers on the international and national beer scene and made friends in the process. Beer is the focus of all work. The super friends don't care whether you simply call beer beer or craft beer. The main thing is that it is good beer. Germany is a country that looks back on a long beer tradition and has countless fantastic beer styles in its repertoire. The super friends want to revive old, dusty beer styles and turn them into new, old classics through clever reinterpretations. The most important thing is the taste. What good is a good idea if the beer ends up being unbalanced? Balance is the magic word, this applies to revived, old beer styles as well as to new favorites.

Beer is just the beginning - we are excited to see what the super friends will tackle next!

Logo: Superfreunde

Superfreunde GmbH & Co. KG
Petersburgerstraße 49
10249 Berlin

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Hang Loose
€ 3,90
Superfreunde 0,33 l bottle — € 11,82 / ltr
€ 3,20
Superfreunde 0,33 l Can — € 9,70 / ltr
One more minute
€ 3,50
Superfreunde BrewDog 0,44 l Can — € 7,95 / ltr
Too popular
€ 2,90
Superfreunde 0,33 l bottle — € 8,79 / ltr
Too popular
Bad Weather Friends
€ 3,20
Superfreunde 0,33 l bottle — € 9,70 / ltr
Too popular
Oki Doki
€ 3,70
Superfreunde 0,33 l bottle — € 11,21 / ltr
Too popular
Set your goals
€ 4,90
Superfreunde 0,33 l Can — € 14,85 / ltr
Too popular

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