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Thin Man Brewery

Buffalo is a city in the American state of New York. Lake Erie and the world-famous Niagara Falls are in the immediate vicinity and attract countless tourists year after year. In addition to these natural wonders, you can also experience numerous other things there: the city's botanical garden is home to a grandiose variety of native and exotic plants, the lake promenade invites you to stroll, there are several museums, you can see the house where Theodore Roosevelt took his oath of office and marvel at buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright. After the extensive sightseeing tour, you can treat yourself to delicacies in one of the countless restaurants, cafés and bars. The city offers a wealth of opportunities to fill your stomach and when it comes to beer, there is also a good selection. The Thin Man Brewery, for example, is part of the culinary scene.

From Buffalo for Buffalo

The brewery was founded in 2016 and is committed to supplying its homeland with beer. The team comes from Buffalo and has set itself the goal of brewing the finest beer creations for their compatriots. With fun in the craft, inclusion and avant-garde ideas, the brewery took the New York beer market by storm. The range is a sophisticated hodgepodge of current beer trends, tried and tested classics, brand new brewing technology and unusual creations inspired by the art of brewing around the world. Collaborations are a great source of inspiration: in exchange with brewers from all over the world, the Thin Man Brewery team finds new ideas and brings a breath of fresh air to their selection. In addition, the cooperation with international breweries ensures that Thin Man is also known in other countries.

The treasure on the second floor

In addition to its normal range, the brewery also offers a number of cask-aged specialties. The pride of the team rests on the upper floor: more than 200 wooden barrels are just waiting to put their stamp on the fine beers. Most of the casks previously held spirits such as bourbon, brandy or whiskey, while a few selected casks also aged wine or maple syrup. Depending on how it was used before, the keg has its very own aroma, which affects the taste of the beer during keg aging. But the brewers often don't leave it at barrel aging. Because they have such a large selection of beer specialties from the barrel, they can also mix them together and combine them into completely new creations. You can taste the desire to experiment and the passion for the beer in every brew.

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Thin Man Brewery
492 Elmwood Ave
NY 14222 Buffalo

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